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Similarity in cognitive ability measurement at age 5

Explore where selected cohorts overlapped in their assessment of cognitive abilities at the age of 5.

For background guidance on the table below, see the main harmonisation feasibility page in this guide.

Ability domainBCS70 (Age 5)MCS (Age 5)
Gc (Crystallised ability)English Picture Vocabulary Test (EPVT)Naming Vocabulary (BAS II)
Gc/Grw (Crystallised ability/ Reading & writing)(Schonell) Reading test
Gf (Fluid ability)Picture Similarities (BAS II)
Gv (Visual processing)Copying Designs Test (CDT)Pattern Construction (BAS II)
Human Figure Drawing (HFD)
Complete a Profile Test (CPT)

Additional detail on the individual measures is available in the childhood cognition section of this guide.

Explanations of the ability domains are provided in the introductory section.

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This page is part of CLOSER’s ‘A guide to the cognitive measures in five British birth cohort studies’.