Data discoverability
26 September 2022
A hand holding a pen about to complete a survey question

Scaling up CLOSER Discovery

Becky Oldroyd highlights the benefits and challenges of using standardised scales, along with CLOSER’s plan to create and disseminate standardised scale metadata on CLOSER Discovery.

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CLOSER partner studies
07 September 2022
A young plant with just a few leaves held in a person's palm

The disadvantage gap: children of austerity or children of adversity?

Dr Neil Kaye discusses his research examining the socioeconomic attainment gap in England from a cumulative, longitudinal and comparative perspective.

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23 August 2022
Making handwritten notes

Have Your Say on CODATA’s Research Data Management Terminology

CODATA’s Research Data Management (RDM) Terminology is a resource of 300+ clearly defined research terms designed to unite the RDM community.

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CLOSER partner studies
12 July 2022
Mother with her young daughter and son

The Wirral Child Health and Development Study joins CLOSER Discovery

Researchers can now explore more data in CLOSER Discovery with the addition of new content from the Wirral Child Health and Development Study (WCHADS).

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Data discoverability
07 June 2022
Magnifying glass placed on a laptop keyboard

Pioneers in data discoverability – the CLOSER metadata search platform

Rob Davies charts our CLOSER Discovery journey, from its initial aims and development, to challenges faced and innovative solutions found.

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Data linkage
04 April 2022
UK LLC Deputy Director, Robin Flaig.

Launching an important piece of UK research infrastructure: the UK Longitudinal Linkage Collaboration

The UK Longitudinal Linkage Collaboration (UK LLC) provides a new way of working for record linkages in longitudinal research.

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31 March 2022
Thoughtful looking woman leans against a pole on public transport

Living with uncertainty: The impact of COVID-19 restrictions on Born in Bradford families

In our latest COVID-19 Perspectives blog, Claire McIvor, Kirsty Crossley, and Bridget Lockyer detail Born in Bradford’s response to the pandemic, explore key findings, and reflect on what can be learnt from the experiences of the BiB families.

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Data linkage
28 March 2022
bird's eye view of people walking through an empty space. Every person is connected to another with a grey line.

Missing those harder-to-reach: It’s time to make increased use of population data to bolster research equity

Andy Boyd (Director at the UK Longitudinal Linkage Collaboration) calls for appropriate use of population data to improve inclusiveness in longitudinal research.

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Data linkage
18 March 2022
Person using a laptop and mobile phone

ALSPAC cohort members provide invaluable input into the development of digital footprint linkage frameworks

Kate Shiells and Andy Boyd explore their latest research, analysing feedback from study participants on the use of digital footprint data.

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30 November 2021
Young people holding hands

How useful do young people think Relationships and Sex Education is? Evidence from LSYPE2

Rushda Khandher (Senior Research Officer, DfE) explores new research on young people’s experiences of Relationships and Sex Education (RSE).

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