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Physical activity across age and study: a guide to data in six CLOSER studies

illustrations of people doing physical activities such as walking a dog, playing golf, and lifting weightsExplore the measures used to assess diverse aspects of physical activity within and across six CLOSER partner studies

This guide was created as part of CLOSER Work Package 15: Socio-economic differentials in physical activity by age and cohort – enhancing the CLOSER cohort resource to inform research, policy and practice.


Learn more about the studies and their measurement of physical activity

Explore the measures by physical activity domain: Cross-study coverage and comparability

Electronic appendix: Index of all documented measures

Further information

Note this guide currently covers measures collected by the named studies up to July 2019.

This guide was written by Meg Fluharty, Aase Villadsen, Aaron Kandola, Lucy Griffiths, Dara O’Neill, Snehal Pinto Pereira, Nicholas Timpson, Rachel Cooper, and David Bann.

To cite the guide, please use the following suggested citation:

Fluharty, M., Villadsen, A., Kandola, A., Griffiths, L., O’Neill, D., Pinto Pereira, S., Timpson, N., Cooper, R., & Bann, D. (2020). Physical activity across age and study: a guide to data in six CLOSER studies. London, UK: CLOSER.