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Policymaking process explained

This outline of the policymaking process helps you to decide the most appropriate method of engagement and the best time to make that first contact with your target audience. Find out about departmental policymaking, the legislative process, Areas of Research Interest and how the various parliamentary bodies work.

How does UK Government work?

The government runs the country and has responsibility for developing and implementing policy and for drafting new laws. The government is usually formed by the party that gains the most seats in the House of Commons at a general election. It is headed by the Prime Minister, who appoints government ministers.

How do the different parliamentary bodies work?

Parliament does not just refer to the body of MPs who make final policymaking decisions. Its main function is to examine what the Government is doing and to vote on new laws, taxation rules, and to debate key issues. But supporting parliamentarians to make informed decisions on these matters is an ecosystem of committees, libraries, and research offices.

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