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Gender pay gaps in average (mean) hourly earnings


Source: Equality and Human Rights Commission – Briefing paper 2: Gender pay gaps


  • Data from 1970-97 are from the Office of National Statistics New Earnings Survey (NES), data from 1997-2000 are from the Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings (ASHE).
  • All data for full-timers exclude overtime, but part-time figures include the effect of overtime. Prior to 1984, data are for women aged 18 and over and for men aged 21 and over. From 1984, they are for employees on adult rates. Data are for GB, not UK, as the NES did not cover Northern Ireland.
  • Data are for employees on adult rates and revised data shown as appropriate. 2004 data include supplementary information. 2006 and subsequent data are based on a new methodology adopted in 2007.