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Methodological innovations in data collection in longitudinal studies

Led by Michaela Benzeval (Institute for Social and Economic Research, ISER, University of Essex), Professor Annette Jäckle (Understanding Society, ISER, University of Essex) and Professor Kate Tilling and Dr Andy Skinner (University of Bristol)

This project considered innovations in data collection methodology and how different longitudinal studies are using new modes and technologies to collect data from their participants. The research considered:

  • the use of mixed mode data collection (led by Professor Jäckle, Professor Professor Benzeval and Dr Alessandra Gaia, City University);
  • how new technologies and novel methods can be used for capturing health-related and economic and environment concepts (led by Dr Skinner and Chris Stone, MRC Integrative Epidemiology Unit of the University of Bristol); and
  • how new technologies can be used to measure economic and environment concepts (led by Professor Jäckle).

Each of the three strands held a workshop to share current practice, learnings and future challenges, wrote a blog discussing the work and produced a CLOSER Resource Report summarising their findings.

CLOSER Resource reports

Blogs from the report authors