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Administrative and education

About the research

Full project title: Linkage to Administrative and Educational Data

Happy children at schoolAdministrative data refers to the information that is collected by official bodies during their routine contact with citizens or service users. In the UK, the government is the main collector and custodian of administrative records; examples include data collected regarding tax and benefits, education and health. This project worked towards linking data from specific cohort studies with administrative datasets, focusing specifically on indicators of economic activity and education.

It also created a new database to allow researchers to track the performance of schools more accurately and efficiently, helping to paint a clearer picture of education in England. The consistent schools database links data on school performance, mergers, splits, closures and changes in school status, both forwards and backwards in time.

Research leads

Professor Lorraine Dearden

Professor Alissa Goodman

Alissa Goodman (Centre for Longitudinal Studies, UCL) and Lorraine Dearden (UCL)

Studies used

Research outputs

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