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Analysing biological samples

About the research

Full project title: Harmonising strategies for analysing biological samples

Collection of biological samples in test tubesBiological samples such as blood, urine and saliva are routinely collected by many cohort studies and used to explore questions around health and biological changes over time. Different methods have been used for processing, storing and analysing these samples.

This project explored how the collection, processing and storage conditions of biological samples could be made more consistent across longitudinal studies. It also summarised the existing biological samples collected by CLOSER studies.

In addition, the team undertook a small pilot study which tested new laboratory methods for processing blood samples. The project produced new documentation to help researchers to improve methods and standards for the collection, processing and storage of biological samples used in longitudinal studies.

Dr Susan Ring

Research lead

Dr Susan Ring  (ALSPAC, University of Bristol)

Studies used

Research outputs

CLOSER resource reports

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