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Socio-economic status in ALSPAC

About the research

Full project title: Harmonising socio-economic status and qualifications in ALSPAC

Teens receive their exam resultsResearchers are producing new documentation and data to help researchers interested in socio-economic status and how it changes over time among those taking part in the Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children (ALSPAC).

This project aimed to extend harmonisation techniques developed for determining socio-economic status and qualifications in CLOSER’s research project on Harmonising measures of occupation and education, and apply them to data from ALSPAC. The team converted raw data on occupation into standardised measures of social class, and then deposited this derived data with ALSPAC, along with accompanying documentation outlining the full process and summary statistics.

Research lead

Rita Doerner (ALSPAC, University of Bristol)

Studies used

Research outputs

  • Dataset of harmonised variables deposited with ALSPAC with accompanying documentation. Not yet available – sign up to CLOSER’s email newsletters to find out when it is published.

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