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About the research

Full project title: Exploiting the existing biomarker data available in CLOSER

Blood test and resultsThis project produced a comparative catalogue of the biomarkers available across the CLOSER studies. A biomarker is a measurable biological characteristic or medical sign that is judged to be an indicator of normal biological processes or detrimental biological processes and certain diseases – for example, cholesterol levels are a biomarker and risk indicator for heart disease.

The catalogue focuses on biomarkers that can be extracted from samples of blood, saliva or urine, and includes data from six CLOSER studies. The project team looked specifically at which biological markers are typically included when calculating allostatic load, which is the term used to describe the biological ‘wear and tear’ associated with the body’s response to chronic or repeated episodes of stress. Findings on this topic were presented at a CLOSER workshop and an international conference in 2017.

Professor Meena Kumari

Research lead

Professor Meena Kumari (Institute for Social and Economic Research, University of Essex)

Studies used

Research outputs

CLOSER resource report

CLOSER workshop

  • Allostatic Load: Construction and use in biosocial research

Conference presentation

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