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Closer - The home of longitudinal research

About the research we fund

We fund a series of projects that carry out new research and develop resources for the longitudinal research community, in academia and those working in government, policy and the third sector.

These resources are available for all longitudinal researchers, both in the UK and abroad, who can use them to improve the quantity and quality of research they undertake or to open up new research possibilities.

Data harmonisation − making data comparable

Many of our research projects are making the data from different longitudinal studies more comparable. Known as data harmonisation, this activity enables them and other researchers to paint a picture of how society is changing from generation to generation or how changes in policy are affecting outcomes for individuals.

The research is harmonising data from a variety of our studies across a wide range of topics, including obesity, visual health, overcrowding, socio-economic status and mental health and wellbeing. Once harmonised, the datasets are available to download from the UK Data Service.

Read more about CLOSER’s data harmonisation work.

Improving data linkage

Government departments routinely collect data on various aspects of life: children’s progress through the education system, information about benefits claimed and taxes paid, and individuals’ experiences of hospital treatment.

These data have immense potential research value, but their value for research can be even greater when it is linked data from longitudinal surveys.

We fund other projects to improve the links between these different types of data and making them more accessible for researchers.

Read more about CLOSER’s data linkage work.

Other research projects

We have funded a range of other projects that are enhancing longitudinal methodology, data access or research impact. These are: