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The impact of COVID-19 on Longitudinal Population Studies (LPS)

Theme overview

The parallel sessions within the impact of COVID-19 on LPS theme focused on the following issues. Select the presentation titles to download the slides as PDFs.

Summary of key points

  1. COVID-19 brought challenges (e.g. speed of change, shortages of equipment and postal issues) and opportunities (e.g. transition to online, more effective communication).
  2. The pandemic highlighted the importance of PPI, particularly where difficult discussions were held virtually.
  3. The switch to remote data collection has proven that the approach is workable, but also confirms the simplicity and effectiveness of in-home collection.
  4. Issues to be resolved include remote data collection in new studies (at which stage interviewer engagement is critical) and ensuring that objective or clinical data is of sufficient quality.
  5. In future, studies are likely to retain various levels of remote activity and methodologies and incorporate pandemic contingencies into long term planning.

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