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Participant and public engagement

Theme overview

The parallel sessions within the participant and public engagement theme focused on the following issues. Select the presentation titles to download the slides as PDFs.

Summary of key points

  1. Studies have increased frequency of direct contact and noted increased engagement with relevant social media and websites.
  2. The pandemic has boosted diversity and inclusion and the harmonisation of data collection.
  3. However, there has also been a loss of personal contact and studies need to consider evidence relating to different engagement strategies for different demographics (e.g. face-to-face or email).
  4. There should be a particular focus on engaging young people: from children taking part in studies with adults to adults taking part in their own right.
  5. Studies should provide adequate resources to participants and value those delivering PPI.
  6. They should also consider the use of incentives to boost engagement (e.g. the option to donate incentives to a chosen charity).
  7. The community can work together to promote the importance of PPI to funders, in research papers and alternative dissemination methods.

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