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CLOSER Policy alert: Preparing for a changing world

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Longitudinal studiesParliamentary Office of Science and Technology (POST) horizon scanning report

POST outlines topics of interest to Parliament

Building on POST’s previous publication (Topics of Interest 2018), this new report outlines the topics that are most likely to be of interest to Parliament over the coming years. These are broadly defined as: demographic change and healthcare, social and cultural trends, geopolitical and governance challenges, environmental pressures and climate change, resource security and sustainability, and technological advance.

Under each subject heading, the report provides an overview of each topic, the existing evidence, and outlines the key unknowns, including where there is a lack of research in a particular area. Note these areas of change will inform the POST Board discussions on identifying priorities for POST’s future work programme.

A number of ‘key unknowns’ identified in the report are relevant to longitudinal research, including:

  • A lack of studies examining the complexity of urban structures and dynamics and their possible influence on urban health and wellbeing.
  • How people’s attitude to their health and behaviour change over time.
  • The (currently) limited evidence on social isolation and loneliness in younger people.

Access the full report, Research for Parliament: Preparing for a changing world.

Find out more about POST on their website.

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