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CLOSER Policy alert: Cabinet Office announces updated Areas of Research (ARI)

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Longitudinal studiesAre you a researcher looking to inform the evidence priorities of a government department?

The Cabinet Office wants to hear from you!

An updated ‘Areas of Research Interest’ (ARI) setting out research priorities for 2019 has been published by the Cabinet Office. It aims to provide guidance about the topics where further research is needed across a wide range of policy areas and help inform academics in developing their research programmes. Relevant questions that could be informed by longitudinal evidence include:

  • How can we best ensure that digital information remains accessible over time?
  • How should the government encourage open data publication while minimising re-identification risks?
  • How can policy makers be supported to collaborate more effectively with external experts and academia?
  • What are the public perceptions of the economic, social and cultural links between the UK nations? What is driving these perceptions?

For more information, take a look at the Cabinet Office 2019 ARI report.

If you would like to discuss the ARI with the Cabinet Office, email them at

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