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CLOSER launches longitudinal data analysis module and teaching dataset

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CLOSER has created new online teaching resources on how to analyse and interpret longitudinal data.

The new Analysis module, which has been added to CLOSER’s Learning Hub educational resource, introduces users to a variety of statistical concepts and methods they can use when analysing data. The module includes specific sections on methods such as general linear regression, logistic regression and multinomial logistic regression. Users can follow a step-by-step guide to prepare a longitudinal dataset for analysis, and start analysing the data themselves.

The module uses a teaching dataset, developed by CLOSER, based on the National Child Development Study (NCDS) to illustrate analytical techniques, and includes instructions and computer code commands for analysing the dataset with Stata software. The teaching dataset is available through the UK Data Service (SN: 8205). Additional resources for SPSS and R users are also planned.

The Learning Hub is an educational resource that helps students and early-career researchers learn about longitudinal studies and get started using the data. Its aim is to raise awareness of the use and value of longitudinal studies, and to increase the number of researchers who are confident and able to analyse longitudinal data. The new Analysis module and training dataset builds upon this and offers newcomers to longitudinal data analysis an accessible resource with which they can learn and develop their own analysis skills.

Dr Lisa Calderwood, Interim CLOSER Director said: “CLOSER’s new online Analysis module is an important step in addressing the UK’s quantitative skills gap. We hope it will open up the possibilities of longitudinal data to a new generation of users. Used in conjunction with the NCDS teaching dataset, the resources should support educators looking to incorporate longitudinal analysis into existing course modules.”

The module was developed and written by Dr Vanessa Moulton, Centre for Longitudinal Studies (CLS) and Dr Dara O’Neill, CLOSER Research Associate. It was created in collaboration with Prof George Ploubidis, CLS, and Prof Alison Park, ESRC Director of Research and former CLOSER Director.