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Latest videos – CLOSER Seminars: Using longitudinal studies to investigate diet and nutrition

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This CLOSER Seminar explored how longitudinal data can be used in diet and nutrition research.


Dr Jane Maddock is a Research Associate at the MRC Unit for Lifelong Health and Ageing at UCL with an interest in understanding how different factors across the life course can impact healthy ageing.  She is a Registered Nutritionist with a BSc in Nutritional Science, an MSc in Global Health and PhD in Epidemiology. Jane’s presentation looked at her work scoping the existing dietary data available within the CLOSER studies and the different ways in which this data can be utilised.

Download Jane’s presentation slides.

Dr Sarah Crozier works at the MRC Lifecourse Epidemiology Unit, University of Southampton as a Senior Medical Statistician. Her research centres on the Southampton Women’s Survey, an internationally-renowned cohort study which recruited mothers before the conception of their child. Sarah’s research in women’s health behaviours has included a focus on the application of statistical techniques to describe diet, and has used Principal Component Analysis to develop dietary pattern scores that characterize broad features of women’s, infants’ and children’s diets. Sarah’s presentation explored her research investigating the association between an unhealthy childhood diet and body composition.

Download Sarah’s presentation slides.