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Four new animations launched on the CLOSER Learning Hub

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Four new animations introducing methods for the analysis of data from longitudinal studies have been added to the CLOSER Learning Hub.

The new series of animations have been created to support content in the Analysing longitudinal data module featured on the CLOSER Learning Hub. The animations provide simple explanations of complex analysis techniques to illustrate how different statistical approaches can be used to examine a variety of research questions. The series is tailored for undergraduates and newcomers to longitudinal research.

The four new animations cover the following:

  1. Introduction to longitudinal data analysis – describes how longitudinal studies differ from cross-sectional studies and explains why different research questions require different statistical techniques
  2. Regression analysis – explains how regression analysis can be applied to research questions from longitudinal studies
  3. Multi-level and growth curve modelling – focuses on data clustered within groups or levels, and explains how the approach can be applied to examine patterns of change within individuals over time
  4. Survival analysis – explores how survival analysis is used to analyse data that has a time or duration dimension (time-to-event data)

“These new animations provide an engaging format to help students and newcomers to longitudinal research understand when and how to use different statistical techniques to answer research questions with a longitudinal lens. We hope these will make using statistical methods a lot easier and accessible.” – Dr Neil Kaye, Training & Capacity Building Lead, CLOSER

The CLOSER Learning Hub is an online educational resource for those less familiar with longitudinal studies, from early career researchers to policymakers. The Hub includes information and resources covering the basics of longitudinal studies, study design, and analysis techniques and has recently been refreshed to include more content, a new, focused look and additional subject areas. Users can access learning modules, teaching datasets, and research case studies, which explore how longitudinal studies can be used to investigate topics such as obesity, social mobility, and childhood bullying.

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