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Videos and slides available: Metadata management in the real world: DDI tools – Managing Metadata Quality at CLOSER

This webinar in our 'Metadata management in the real world' series focused on DDI tools. Videos and presentation slides are available below.

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About the webinar

CLOSER has developed a range of open-source tools, and processes for managing metadata.

In this webinar, the CLOSER Discovery team (Jon Johnson, Jenny Li, William Norley, and Becky Oldroyd) showcased a selection of our current and in-development tools, which enable CLOSER and our partners to collaborate efficiently.

Topics covered included:

  1. Managing questionnaire metadata using Archivist
  2. Functional testing of Archivist using Selenium
  3. Building a collaborative pipeline for questionnaire metadata ingest
  4. Open source metadata extraction from statistical files
  5. Validation and management of “open text fields”


Managing questionnaire metadata using Archivist: Becky Oldroyd
Archivist is CLOSER’s open-source DDI questionnaire editor which allows us to add questionnaire metadata to CLOSER Discovery: the UK’s most detailed search platform for longitudinal population studies. In this presentation, Becky Oldroyd (CLOSER Metadata Officer), describes what Archivist is and why it was developed, along with highlighting some key features of Archivist that allow for the production of high-quality questionnaire metadata.

Work-flow Automation: Jenny Li
In this presentation, Jenny Li (CLOSER Metadata Developer), explores using continuous integration tools for quality assurance of workflows.

Dashboard Tool: William Norley
In this presentation, William Norley (CLOSER Metadata Developer), discusses the Dashboard tool which enables CLOSER to manage and quality assure free text fields used in CLOSER Discovery before publication.

Extract2DDI: Jon Johnson
In this presentation, Jon Johnson (CLOSER Technical Lead) outlines a new tool under development at CLOSER to extract metadata from SPSS and Stata files into the DDI Codebook and DDI Lifecycle metadata standards.

CLOSER Data Managers Network

This webinar was organised as part of the CLOSER Data Managers Network which is comprised of professionals working on study data management. The network is open to studies that form part of CLOSER and/or CLOSER Discovery, as well as professionals from the wider data management community.

For more information, or to enquire about joining the CLOSER Data Managers Network, please contact us:

Further information

If you have any questions, or require further information, please contact CLOSER Digital Communications and Events Manager, Jennie Blows (