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IASSIST 2022 conference

The theme of this year's IASSIST conference was “Data by Design: Building a Sustainable Data Culture”.

About the conference

The conference theme, “Data by Design: Building a Sustainable Data Culture”, emphasizes two core values embedded in the culture of Gothenburg and Sweden: design and sustainability. This conference provided an opportunity for delegates to discuss these topics further and what they could mean to data communities. As a member of IASSIST, you are already part of at least one data community. Your other data communities may be across departments, within organizations, or among groups in different countries. How are these groups helping design a culture of practices around data that will persist across organizations and over time?

Conference programme

The conference programme can be found on the IASSIST conference website.

CLOSER’s presence at the conference

As part of one of the ‘Partnerships and collaborations’ parallel sessions, CLOSER’s Technical Lead, Jon Johnson gave the following talk:

Raising the metadata bar: technology, culture and resourcing: lessons from documenting UK Longitudinal Studies

In 2012 CLOSER was established, and amongst its tasks was to document to the best available metadata standards eight of the UKs longitudinal studies, which cover both social science and biomedical domains. The initial impetus was the variation amongst the studies in the available metadata, the lack of machine readable provenance information and the technical, cultural and resource barriers within some of the studies to achieve this. The paper will describe how the provision of technical and logistical solutions, alongside the development of new ways of working, practical demonstration, training and resource allocation has led to a positive change in the perception of the need for high quality metadata.

CLOSER exhibition

CLOSER is also pleased to be sponsoring this year’s conference and our team ran an exhibition stand throughout the conference.

Further information and how to register

Further information about the conference, including how to register, can be found on the IASSIST conference website.