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Videos and slides available: Introducing longitudinal biomedical studies from a social science perspective – ELSA & NICOLA

The fourth webinar in our series exploring longitudinal biomedical studies from a social science perspective introduced the English Longitudinal Study of Ageing (ELSA) and the Northern Ireland Cohort for the Longitudinal Study of Ageing (NICOLA). Videos and presentation slides are available below.

About the webinar series

This ongoing CLOSER webinar series aims to showcase a range of biomedically-focused longitudinal studies, including our partner studies and a leading study of twins, to social science researchers who may be otherwise unfamiliar with the study data and what it can offer social science research. The series is designed to introduce researchers to new longitudinal studies that could be of use to them in their work.

Watch the introduction to ELSA

Dr Paola Zaninotto will introduce ELSA, a nationally representative longitudinal study of 12,099 individuals aged 50+ and living in England. Established in 2002, ELSA is a multi-purpose survey collecting objective and subjective measures of physical and mental health, wellbeing, finances and attitudes around ageing and how these change over time.

Download the ELSA presentation slides

Watch the introduction to NICOLA

Professor Frank Kee will explore NICOLA, the first large scale longitudinal ageing to be set up in Northern Ireland. The study aims to explore why and how certain social, economic and biological factors are changing the lives of older people, to understand how health, lifestyle, financial circumstances and wellbeing change with age, and to examine what it is like to grow older in Ireland.

Download the NICOLA presentation slides

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