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Dwelling stock by tenure


Source: Department for Communities and Local Government, Welsh Assembly Government, Scottish Government, Department for Social Development (Northern Ireland)


  • For detailed definitions of all tenures, see Definitions of housing terms in Housing Statistics home page. ‘Other public sector dwellings’ figures are currently only available for England.
  • Figures for census years are based on census output.
  • Data for years 1969 to 1990 sourced from Department of Environment publications: Housing and Construction Statistics, 1967-1979, 1977-1987,1980-1990 and 1990-1997. Great Britain totals from 2002 are derived by summing country totals at 31st March. For 1991 to 2001 Scotland stock levels from the year before is added into the UK total.
  • Series from 1992 to 2011 for England has been adjusted so that the 2001 and 2011 total dwelling estimate matches the 2001 and 2011 Census. Estimates from 2002 are based on local authority and housing association dwelling counts, the Labour Force Survey and, from 2003, the English Housing Survey.  Estimates may not be strictly comparable between periods.
  • From 2003 the figures for owner-occupied and the private rental sector for England have been produced using a new improved methodology as detailed in the dwelling stock release. Previous to this vacancy was not accounted for.