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NSHD – Age 53 – Delayed Verbal Memory

The MRC National Survey of Health of Development (NSHD) assessed their cohort members (CMs) during the study’s age 53 sweep using the Delayed Verbal Memory measure.

Details on this measure and the data collected from the CMs are outlined in the table below.

Domain:Verbal (memory)
Measures:Delayed verbal memory
CHC:Glr (Long-Term Storage and Retrieval)
Administration method:Research nurse; face to face; spoken aloud
Procedure:After the NART was administered (which followed directly after the envelope task) participants were asked to recall, without prior prompting, the name and address they previously wrote on the envelope.
Link to questionnaire: (opens in new tab)
Scoring:A maximum score of 6 was achievable, with one point given for each element of the address:
(i) John (ii) Brown, (iii) 42 (iv) West (v) Street, (vi) Bedford
Item-level variable(s):naadta1 - naadta6
Total score/derived variable(s):None
Age of participants (months):Mean = 641.47, SD = 2.09, Range = 636 - 650
Other sweep and/or cohort:None
Source:Developed specifically for the study
Technical resources:None
Reference examples:None found

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