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Cognitive abilities measured in the Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children

Explore what cognitive ability domains were measured in the Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children (ALSPAC) cohort by age and test used.

For background guidance on the table below, see the main harmonisation feasibility page in this guide.

Test7.5 yrs8.5 yrs9 yrs10 yrs11.5 yrs12.5 yrs13 yrs15.5 yrs17.5 yrs
Basic ReadingGc/ Grw
Phoneme Deletion TaskGc/ Grw
Spelling TaskGrwGrw
Letter Decision TaskGs/ Gv
Motor Ability TaskGp
Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children (WISC-III)G
Object Assembly (WISC-III)Gf/ Gs
Coding (WISC-III)Gv/ Gs
Block Design (WISC-III)Gs/ Gv
Picture Arrangement (WISC-III)Gc/ Gf/ Gv
Picture Completion (WISC-III)Gv/ Gc
Information (WISC-III)Gc
Comprehension (WISC-III)Gc
Arithmetic (WISC-III)Gq
Vocabulary (WISC-III)Gc
Similarities (WISC-III)Gc
DANVA: Faces SubtestGkn
TEACh: Selective Attention and Motor Control: Sky SearchGs/ Gps/ Gv/ GsmGs/ Gps/ Gv/ Gsm
TEACh: Dividing Attention (Dual Task)Gsm/ Gs/ Gps/ Gv/ GaGs/ Gps/ Gv/ Gsm/ Ga
TEACh: Attentional control (Opposite Worlds)Gs/ GsmGs/ Gsm
Listening ComprehensionGc/ Glr
Oral ExpressionGc
Short-term Memory (Nonword Repetition)Gsm
Articulatory SkillsGa
Word and Nonword Reading TestGc/ Grw
Neale Analysis of Reading Ability (NARA II)Gc/ Grw
Sentence Decision TaskGc/ Grw
Working Memory (Counting Span Task)Gsm/ Gv
Inhibition (Stop-Signal) TaskGtGt
Higher Conceptual Reasoning (Bike Drawing)G
Phonological Awareness (Spoonerisms)NA
Tests of Word Reading Fluency (TOWRE)Gc/ GrwGc/ Grw
Motor Skill and Movement TestGps
Reaction TimeGt
Wechsler Abbreviated Scale of Intelligence (WASI)G
Vocabulary (WASI)Gc
Matrix Reasoning (WASI)Gf/ Gv
N-Back Task (Working Memory)Gsm
Go No Go (Affective Go/No-Go Task)NA
Probability Learning and Reversal TaskGsm


Gf=Fluid reasoning/fluid intelligence; Gsm=Short-term memory; Glr=Long-term storage & retrieval; Gs=Processing speed; Gt=Reaction time; Gps=Psychomotor speed; Gc=Acquired knowledge/crystallised intelligence; Gkn=Domain-specific knowledge; Grw=Reading and writing; Gq=Quantitative knowledge; Gv=Visual processing; Ga=Auditory processing; Gp=Psychomotor ability; G=General/multi-domain cognitive ability factor; NA=Not applicable (no Cattell-Horn-Carroll ability type measured).

Explanations of the individual ability domains are provided in the introductory section of this guide.

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This page is part of CLOSER’s ‘A guide to the cognitive measures in five British birth cohort studies’.