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ALSPAC – Age 7.5 – Basic Reading

The Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children (ALSPAC) assessed their cohort members (CMs) during the study’s age 7.5 sweep (Focus@7) using the Basic Reading measure.

Details on this measure and the data collected from the CMs are outlined in the table below.

Domain:Reading ability
Measures:General verbal information
Lexical knowledge
Reading decoding
CHC:Gc (Crystallised Intelligence)
Grw (Reading/Writing)
Administration method:Trained interviewer; clinical setting; pointing/answers orally
Procedure:Comprised of the basic reading subtest of the Wechsler Objective Reading Dimensions (WORD; Wechsler, 1993). First, the child was shown a picture, with four words underneath. They were asked to point to the word that had the same beginning or ending sound as the picture. Second, they were shown a series of three pictures, each with four words beneath, and were asked to select the word that correctly matched the picture. Third, the child was asked to read aloud a list of 48 unconnected words that increased in difficulty. The reading task was stopped if the child made 6 consecutive errors. A total score was computed reflecting the number of items answered correctly.
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Scoring:Total number of correct items (0 - 50)
Item-level variable(s):f7ws077 - f7ws083
Total score/derived variable(s):f7ws076, f7ws076a
Descriptives:Raw score
N = 8,055
Range = 0 - 52
Mean = 28.22
SD = 9.34
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Age of participants:Mean = 90.5 months, SD = 3.83, Range = 82 - 113
Other sweep and/or cohort:None
Source:Wechsler, D. (1993). Wechsler Objective Reading Dimensions. London: The Psychological Corporation.
Technical resources:None.
Reference examples:Gathercole, S. E., Tiffany, C., Briscoe, J., Thorn, A., & ALSPAC team. (2005). Developmental consequences of poor phonological short-term memory function in childhood: A longitudinal study. Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry, 46(6), 598-611.
Meadows, S., Herrick, D., Feiler, A., & ALSPAC Study Team. (2007). Improvement in national test reading scores at Key Stage 1; grade inflation or better achievement? British Educational Research Journal, 33(1), 47-59.

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