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ALSPAC – Age 12.5 – Motor Skill And Movement Test

The Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children (ALSPAC) assessed their cohort members (CMs) during the study’s age 12.5 sweep (TeenFocus 1) using the Motor Skill And Movement Test.

Details on this measure and the data collected from the CMs are outlined in the table below.

DomainMotor ability
Measures:Motor skill
Speed of limb movement
Limb power
Movement time
CHC:Psychomotor Speed (Gps)
Administration method:Trained interviewer; clinical setting; oral answers; physical task
Procedure:Children undertook five separate physical tasks:
1. Turning Pegs (invert 12 pegs in a peg board)
2. Throwing at target (throws ball at target 3 meters away)
3. Walking backwards (child walks backwards along a 4.5 metre line on the floor)
4. One-hand catch (child bounces ball of wall 2m away and catches with one hand)
5. Two footed jump (child jumps forward as far as possible from a standing position)
Link to questionnaire: (opens in new tab)
Scoring:Scored on speed, accuracy and distance.
Item-level variable(s):Not readily available
Total score/derived variable(s):ff2640 - ff2893
Descriptives:Turning pegs first trial (preferred hand)Walking backwards (no. steps)
N = 1,956N = 2,081
Range = 6 - 66Range = 1 - 15
Mean = 22.03Mean = 10.92
SD = 4.41SD = 4.92
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Age of participants:Mean (months) = 153.73, SD = 2.77, Range = 136 - 171
Other sweep and/or cohort:None
Source:Devised for study
Technical resources:Additional information is available on the ALSPAC website: (opens in new tab)
Reference examples:None

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