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ALSPAC – Age 2 – Object Naming Assessment

The Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children (ALSPAC) assessed their cohort members (CMs) at 25 months’ age (Children in Focus Clinic) using the Object Naming Assessment.

Details on this measure, a phonology screening procedure, and the data collected from the CMs are outlined in the table below.

Domain:Verbal knowledge (expressive and spoken)
Measures:Speech and sound production
Oral production and fluency
General verbal information
CHC:Gc (Crystallised Intelligence)
Administration method:Trained interviewer; clinical setting; guided play session
Procedure:The tester chose an object from a box and asked the child to name it. If the child was reluctant, they were encouraged to choose an object themselves and name it. If a child failed to name an object after 3 requests, the tester named it clearly for the child, and encouraged imitation. The number of errors made by the child in each sound class was recorded and the percentage error calculated from those words attempted.
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Scoring:Number of imitations (0 - 16)
Item-level variable(s):Not readily available
Total score/derived variable(s):cf428 - cf435
Descriptives:Number of imitations
N = 1,099
Range = 0 - 16
Mean = 2.97
SD = 2.83
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Age of participants:Mean = 108.24 weeks, SD =0.98, Range = 106 - 115
Other sweep and/or cohort:MCS – Age 3 – BAS II Naming Vocabulary
MCS – Age 5 – BAS II Naming Vocabulary (similar object naming task involving pictures)
BCS70 – Child of CM (Multi-Age) – BAS Naming Vocabulary (similar object naming task involving pictures)
Source:Adapted from a similar procedure devised by Paden, Novak & Beiter (1987)
Technical resources:None
Reference examples:Roulstone, S., Loader, S., Northstone, K., & Beveridge, M. (2002). The speech and language of children aged 25 months: Descriptive data from the Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children. Early Child Development and Care, 172(3), 259-268.

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